Management Consulting Services Overview

Our management consulting services extend across business functions and serve a broad array of industries. We cover all critical aspects of your business, including strategy, operations, business performance, innovation, business process, supply chain management and information technology. We serve local, regional and global management consulting clients, and we align our management consulting efforts with your overall corporate strategy.


As a boutique management consulting firm:

  1. We place our clients' interests first, we ensure that the value of our services exceed our service fees.

  2. Our team is comprised of proven innovators who deliver world-class results to clients around the world.

  3. Our global client experience has allowed us to transform organisations across a broad spectrum of market segments and industries.

  4. Our client successes have won us partner trust and significant organisational knowledge while materially improving our clients’ financial and operational performance.



  • Local, Regional and Global Scenarios

  • Business Unit

  • Merger, Acquisition and Divestiture

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Business Transformation

  • Culture Change

  • Enterprise Technology



Supply Chain Optimisation

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Manufacturing

  • Procurement

  • Strategic Sourcing

  • Supply Chain Outsourcing/ Insourcing


In addition to the above services, we offer the following monthly packages to assist business owners and managers:







Performance Improvement


  • Operational Excellence

  • Simplifying Complexity

  • Business Performance

  • Business Turnaround

Business Support Services

  • Locum MD and CFO

  • Administration and operations support

Information Technology

  • Enterprise Systems

  • Outsourcing, offshoring & insourcing