Staff Retention with A 360-Degree View

It’s hard to find an organisation that understands talent better than TriServ.  Since 2012, when we started helping employees access the best employers in the market, we’ve been expanding our talent and HR capabilities to the market-leading position we occupy today.

We don’t just design the right strategies for your talent needs — we see them through to delivery. We keep an eye on trends, analyse information, and deliver research at a level unmatched by our competitors.


We develop strategies that allow organisations to align their talent functions with their overall business objectives. Then our best-in-class consultants implement these strategies, tailoring them to your specific needs to give you measurable results.

We’re ready to assist you in:

  1. How to implement a retention plan when a talented person is considering leaving

  2. How to develop effective coaching relationships with talented employees

  3. How to keep people focused on bigger opportunities

  4. How to get discretionary effort without asking

  5. How to motivate and empower people to exceed their objectives

  6. How to resolve any conflict seamlessly and quickly

  7. How to remove any role ambiguity that talented people often cause

  8. How to use pull employment strategies to lure external talented people

  9. How to build trust levels to nurture an environment of open communication

Executive Coaching 

"Many of the problems in organisations stem from relationship difficulties at the very top."

So, stated Stephen Covey in his best-selling book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.


In this day and age where communication via technology is at an all-time high, interpersonal relationship and effective personal communications seem to be at an all-time low.

TriServ has established a number of innovative and extremely successful “value adding” solutions to help improve such relationships and personal communication. These ideas and procedures are designed to help you, the business leader and members of your leadership team, achieve enhanced results, to more effectively handle leadership and relationship issues and to better manage “people difficulties” which are often found within corporate environments.


We can help your Leadership, Management and Executive teams with:

  • Business leaders’ mentoring/coaching

  • Executive leadership development

  • Productive communication and relationship building

  • Effective handling of difficult/problem people

  • Maximising potential and people performance

  • Team building

  • Stress prevention/reduction

  • Identifying success barriers