Employee Retention:

Developing a clear advantage through better people

Staff retention should be a strategic priority in a business of any size. Staff retention drives customer retention and customer retention ultimately drives profitability, which underscores the need to focus on retention from the start. Savvy business owners either already know or soon come to realise that onboard and ongoing training and development programs play a significant role in attracting and retaining talent.

Some amount of turnover is both inevitable and healthy for a business. Problems arise, however, when voluntary defections include staff members the business can least afford to lose. While it can be easy to think that money is the only answer to combating turnover rates, most employees want more. Training and development is part of that “more” as it sends a clear message the business values and wants to invest in its staff. When the right people choose to stay, the business, the staff and customers all reap the benefits.

We work with SMEs, large multi nationals, not for profit organisations and government. Our specialist consultants are equipped with the skills to assist your business in retaining staff and coach your leadership team in providing an efficient work environment.